What are the top 10 education startups to watch in 2023?

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While I cannot provide information specifically for 2023, here are ten education startups that have shown significant potential in previous years and are worth keeping an eye on as they continue to evolve:

1. Coursera: An online learning platform that offers courses and degrees from top universities.
2. Duolingo: A language-learning platform that makes education fun and interactive through gamification.
3. Khan Academy: Provides free online courses and educational resources across various subjects.
4. Udacity: Focuses on providing courses in technology fields such as AI, programming, and data science.
5. MasterClass: Offers access to online courses taught by industry experts in various disciplines, from cooking to writing.
6. Degreed: Helps individuals create personalized learning pathways and gain recognition for skills and knowledge.
7. Brainly: A social learning platform that enables students to ask questions and receive answers from a community of peers.
8. Quizlet: A digital learning tool that supports studying through flashcards, quizzes, and other interactive methods.
9. Byju’s: An edtech platform providing interactive video lessons and personalized tutoring to K-12 students.
10. Teachable: Enables teachers and educators to create and sell online courses easily.

Remember to conduct updated research closer to 2023 to ensure you have the most relevant information on emerging startups.

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